Sweater Vests Are Cool

My sister’s fiance’s dog killed the mama bun and this guy wouldn’t leave the nest with his siblings. No animal rescue centers near us were open on Sunday and he was healthy, so we kept him overnight before we found him a nice safe place for a new nest. My sister unimaginatively named him Peter.

We learned a bit about bunnies thanks to this. If you find a baby bunny DON’T TOUCH IT. Unless you’ve witnessed the mother’s gruesome death, it’s probably not actually abandoned. If it is definitely orphaned, take it to an animal rescue/rehabilitation center rather than try to take care of it on your own. We wouldn’t have tried to take care of Peter ourselves if there had been an alternative. When possible, leave this kind of stuff to the experts. You’ll probably hurt the rabbit more than help it. They’re fussy little bastards.

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