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Finally found the time to finish these pieces! 

Follow this link to see more print designs.

Kanji explanation:

Image 1: The bottom-left cartouche features the kanji 鳴戸, which is read naruto, meaning ‘whirlpool’. (Note: uzumaki has a similar meaning, translated as ‘maelstrom’.)

The top-right cartouche contains the kanji 古祟翻恵, loosely meaning “An ancient curse becomes a blessing”.


Image 2: The top-left cartouche contains the symbols 龍毬, literally meaning ‘dragon’ and ‘orb’.

The bottom-right cartouche features the kanji 不憩奮励, meaning ‘Never resting, striving higher’.


Image 3: The left cartouche features the kanji 末撓気師, literally meaning “the last bending air master”.

The right cartouche contains the characters 土火気水, which mean ‘earth, fire, air, water’.

I am a big admirer of Jed Henry’s art and all that he has done to sustain and spread the craft of traditional Japanese woodblock printing. I have been meaning to contact him about doing a print for our show for a while now, and also just to tell him how much I love his work. So I am overjoyed that he chose Avatar as the subject for one of his wonderful reinterpretations, the third beautiful image here. So cool! Thanks, Jed! I hope we connect soon.


The Fall of Thor
An illustration I made for Allen Brewer’s Concepts and Metaphors class based on the word “destruction”.


The Fall of Thor

An illustration I made for Allen Brewer’s Concepts and Metaphors class based on the word “destruction”.


Swallow Book 2

Art by Cicely Barker - “The Flower Fairies.”

The Sweet Pea Fairies!!


Art by Cicely Barker - “The Flower Fairies.”

The Sweet Pea Fairies!!


Bambi - Backgrounds


Sleeping Hilda by La-Clover


English artist Craig Davison creates series of paintings that beautifully illustrate the awesome power of childhood imagination and our limitless ability to play pretend as our favorite movie characters. He draws from a wide variety of movies, but the pieces seen here all revolve around Star Wars.

Kids play their hearts in the foreground while their shadows loom larger than life in the background as the fictional characters they’re pretending to be. Tree branches have become light sabers, cardboard tubes and a hair dryer work equally well as blasters, a garbage can and a colander are all you need to be R2-D2 and C3PO, and a pair of headphones serve as Princess Leia’s cinnamon bun hairdo.

Visit Craig Davison’s website to check out more of his delightful and nostalgic artwork. Then go grab a tree branch and meet us at the park for a light saber duel.

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Someone needs to license/translate these comics by zao dao!


Tove Jansson’s glorious illustrations for The Hobbit. Note the giant Gollum, waist-deep in his pool…

More here.


The adventures of Lady Who Is Also a Knight and Willowy Poet Boyfriend! I like to think that they just play dumb medieval pranks on each other all the time. Willowy Poet Boyfriend usually does not grasp that she is pranking him until it is too late. He tries to get back at her by composing a catchy lay about how obsessed she is with pegging, and then realizes what he has done only when people start to look at him funny on the street. Willowy Poet Boyfriend is not the master of pranks.

Will Lady Who Is Also a Knight win her jousting match? Will I ever escape from relying on anachronisms for humor value? Will these adventures actually continue? Does reversing an established binary qualify as true transgression? The questions are endless! TUNE IN NEXT TIME (IF THERE IS A NEXT TIME) FOR MORE QUESTIONS AND NO ANSWERS



Personal sketch based on this excellent comic about a lady knight and her willowy poet boyfriend by 16ruedelaverrerie.

The rainbows won’t stop gushing from my mouth, but what is there I even need to say about lexxercise, you know lexxercise! The important thing is that lexxercise is lexxercise, a beautiful towering fir tree atop Mt. Amazing, and this is so gorgeous that it is physically making my heart seize up. Did you know that when you look up the phrase “transcendental composition arising from organic body language” in a dictionary which contains improbable phrases as entries instead of words, you get this picture accompanied by the definition, “mere mortals wish they could aspire to such heights”? WELL YOU DO.